Tolsen Quick Release Ratchet Clamp - Woodworking F Clamps


Tolsen's ratchet clamps provides instant holding power during assembly, fastening, and gluing work. Manufactured with a steel bar for strength and durability and soft non-marking pads which help reduce damage to softer items, such as wood or plastic.

Available in sizes 150mm (6") or 300mm (12"), with this size indicating the approximate maximum distance between the clamping surfaces. With discounts provided on multi-pack purchases

Product features and benefits:
  • Clamp sizes indicates the approximate max distance between clamping surfaces
  • Quick release button allows one handed operation
  • Ratchet clamp converts to a spreader, simply use the wing nut to unscrew and the relocate fixed end
  • Hard wearing and premium quality
  • Soft non-marking pads which help reduce damage to softer items
  • Clamping surface approx 40mm x 30mm

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