Tapco Slate Ridge Cap - Various Colours


Tapco Ridge Tiles are the perfect alternative to natural slate.  With an authentic design these plastic slates keep the all the character of natural slate whilst also enhancing performance through there unique design.

Tapco Slate Ride Tiles have a degree of flexibility when fixing which allows them to be used on a variety of roof pitches, from 14 degrees to 30 degrees.

As these Tapco Slates Ridge Tiles are made of plastic they are much lighter then natural slate, easier to work with and cut and are designed to survive extreme weather conditions and keep water out!

Unlike natural slate, Tapco Slate Ridge Tiles won't break or fade and comes with a 50 year lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Supplied in a great range of colours the Tapco Slate Ridge Tiles is not only ideal for traditional roofing applications, but for any other uses too. They can be used to revamp conservatories, as an alternative to shed felt, canopy roofs and car ports.

For larger orders please contact us to see what discounts can be applied.


Length     - 445mm (17.5")
Width       - 254mm (10")
Height      - 102mm
Coverage - 5.5 units cover 1 metre in length (See Below)


Please note, whilst the total length of each ridge is 445mm, each ridge will only provide coverage of 180-200mm. To ensure a watertight seal each ridge must overlap the previous one to prevent leaks reducing the coverage.  To help with the fitting of each ridge only half the length of the ridge tile is covered with the slate finish, the other half has a mat finish with indents to show where the next ridge should overlap and the nails fitted.

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