Thor Glazing Hammer with Mixed Soft to Hard Nylon Face Pack


The Thorex Nylon faced hammer has a chrome plated zinc head with two screw-in faces which are designed to be replaced when worn. By using the interchangeable nylon faces the Thor hammer can be used in most assembly applications, including engineering, furniture, shopfitting, partitioning, double glazing and injection moulding operations.

So that your Thor hammer can fit every purpose we supply a kit including the hammer and 5 replaceable nylon heads of different hardness.

Each Kit Includes:
1 x Thor Hammer in either 710 or 712 size
1 x Hard White Replaceable Head
1 x Extra Hard Yellow Replaceable Head
1 x Tough Brown Replaceable Head
1 x Medium Red Replaceable Head
1 x Soft Grey Replaceable Head

Thor Hammer Face Types:

Soft Grey - For light assembly work. Ideal for flat pack furniture assembly and woodworking. Will not mark surfaces

Medium Red - More suited for light hammering applications and the assembly of precision parts

Tough Brown - Tough and abrasive resistant, therefore ideal for striking sharp surfaces including cutting forms and steel rule die assembly

Hard White - General purpose face. Hard wearing, designed for light and heavy assembly work

Extra Hard Yellow - Very hard wearing, for heavy assembly work


    Hammer Sizes:

    710 Thor Nylon Hammer - head is 32mm (1.25 inch) in diameter, the weight of the hammer is 450g

    712 Thor Nylon Hammer - head is 38mm (1.5 inch) in diameter, the weight of the hammer is 650g




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