Super Glue and Activator


Soudal super glue can be used to bond almost anything, including most plastics, metals, ceramics, fabrics, rubber and much more. This makes the glue great, whether doing large scale DIY job or small hobby crafts.
Soudal super glue will bond in minutes but this can be reduced to seconds when used with the specially designed Soudal Activator, a solution used to cause the bonding resins in superglue to activate instantly.
How to use:  

  • Apply a small amount of glue to one side of the item
  • Spray the activator onto the other side of the item 
  • Fit the item together for an almost instant bond 
  • That's it!

  *For best results first ensure the surface to be bonded is clean of dirt and dust.


  • Large Glue – 1 x 50g Super Glue
  • Large Glue with Activator – 1 x 50g Super Glue and 1 x 200ml Activator
  • Activator Only – 1 x 200ml Activator

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