Manthorpe Dry Verge Ridge End Cap with Fixing Screws


These PVC-U ridge end caps are the perfect no-maintenance, weather-proof finishing touch to any roof.  Specially designed to fit the apex of the roof, at the point the left and right hand dry verge meet. 

The ridge end caps are available with either a rounded finish, to fit round ridge roofs, or a square line finish, which can fit with either round or standard ridge finishes.

One ridge cap with set of 2 fixing screws will be supplied with each purchase.


  • Mortar Free
  • All weather fixing - UV safe 
  • Secure mechanical fixing avoids wind uplift problems
  • Quick and easy to fit - not special tools required
  • Weatherproof and maintenance free
  • Manthorpe - a leading brand within the industry
  • Each end cap comes with 2 x fixing screws free of charge

Ridge Cap  Dimensions:

  • Height - 226mm a highest point
  • Depth - 68mm

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