Glazing Kit - Glazing Paddle and Half Moon Glazing Knife


This glazing tool kit includes a Glazing Paddle, and a Xpert Don Carlos Style Knife. 

The details of each individual tool contained in the kit are shown below:

Glazing Paddle

This handy glazing shovel is a must for your tool bag . In addition to glazing, this shovel can be used when leveling kitchen units and all types of furniture, saving both time and effort, as well as your fingers from being trapped!


  • Installing wedge type glazing gasket
  • Shimming frames
  • Toe and heeling windows and doors
  • Raising /moving double glazed units within the frame
  • Scrapping off silicone/sealant residue

Xpert Don Carlos Style Tool

The Xpert Moon Tool offers a unique shaped blade designed to remove beads from Upvc window frames. Widly used in the glazing and window industry for removing window beading and old silicone it has a non-slip cushion handle designed for safety.


  • Manufactured by Xpert, leading name in the industry
  • Cresent shaped blade designed to remove beading
  • Non slip handle
  • Stainless steel blade to prevent corrosion

*Please note, due to the sharpness of the tools buyers must be 18 or older to purchase

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