Envirotile Eaves Bar


The eave bar is an integral part of the Envirotile Roof System.  This patented device secures the first course/row of roof tiles to the main roof structure offering maximum protection against wind uplift.  Each eave bar is 1 metre in length.

Part of the Enviortile range of flat, precision manufactured, recycled polymer, lightweight roof tiles. Envirotile is the most advanced roof tile system available; affordable, high performing and environmentally friendly. Envirotile actually helps to reduce build and labour costs.

Envirotile Key Benefits:
  • Outperforms traditional roofing materials
  • 25% faster to install then traditional slates and roof tiles
  • 80% lighter then traditional roof tiles and slates - weighs 8.5kg per m2
  • Environmentally friendly - Uses recycled sustainable materials and manufactured in the UK
  • Supports sustainable homes initiatives when meeting new build standards
  • Is easier to use and fit than conventional tiles

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