Bird Comb Roof Eaves Filler


The Eaves Comb Filler provides a physical barrier to stop birds and large insects from entering the void between the felt and tiles.

The product runs continuously along the top of the fascia board above the felt and is nailed into position with the fixing holes provided.  The use of the eaves comb filler eliminates the need to buy expensive purpose made profiled fillers.

The eaves comb filler measures 1 metre in length with flexible combs that adjust to fit under the tiles.

Product features and benefits:

  •     Effective, quick and easy to fit
  •     Lightweight and flexible
  •     Improves performance of other roofing materials
  •     Durable and resistant to decay
  •     Protects the roof from small birds entering under the tiles

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Eaves Comb Filler
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