Multipurpose POZI Screws - 5's Mixed Length Trade Pack


Hardened, yellow zinc plated, multi-purpose screws are designed for use on a variety of materials such as hardwood,
chipboard and MDF, without the need for pre-drilling. The deep x recess head is ideally suited for power driving.

The single, finely rolled thread allows multi-purpose screws to cut deeper into the material, providing greater holding

Each Trade Pack Contains 1000 Screws:
  • 200 x 5 x 25mm Screws
  • 200 x 5 x 30mm Screws
  • 200 x 5 x 40mm Screws
  • 200 x 5 x 50mm Screws
  • 200 x 5 x 70mm Screws

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