Glazing Kit - Xpert Chisel, Glazing Paddle and Thor Hammer


This glazing tool kit includes a Glazing Paddle, Xpert Putty Chisel and either a Thorex Nylon Hammer 710 or 712.  Everything you need to remove the old window beading and fit your new windows.

The details of each individual tool contained in the kit are shown below:

Glazing Paddle

This handy glazing shovel is a must for your tool bag . In addition to glazing, this shovel can be used when leveling kitchen units and all types of furniture, saving both time and effort, as well as your fingers from being trapped!

  •     Installing wedge type glazing gasket
  •     Shimming frames
  •     Toe and heeling windows and doors
  •     Raising /moving double glazed units within the frame
  •     Scrapping off silicone/sealant residue

Xpert Putty Chisel

The Xpert Putty Tool is designed to remove beads from Upvc window frames. Widely used in the glazing and window industry for taking out old window beading and fitting new ones, it has a non-slip cushion handle designed for safety.

  •     Manufactured by Xpert, leading name in the industry
  •     32mm stiff blade
  •     Cushion grip non-slip handle
  •     Stainless steel blade to prevent corrosion

Thorex Nylon Faced Hammer 710/712

The Thorex Nylon faced hammer has a chrome plated zinc head with two screw-in nylon faces which are designed to be replaced when worn. Ideally designed for glazing purposes as the nylon hammer face helps prevent damage when hitting plastic frames and trims into place.

-The 710 hammer size comes with a 32mm / 1.25 inch diameter head.

-The 712 hammer size comes with a 38mm / 1.5 inch diameter head.


  •     Manufactured by Thorex, leading name in the industry
  •     Replaceable heads so entire hammer does not need to be replaced when worn
  •     Non slip handle

*Please note, due to the sharpness of the tools buyers must be 18 or older to purchase

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