Chimney Cowl with Domed Top & Mesh - Black


The Chimney Cowl with domed top and mesh is designed to prevent rain, birds, vermin and leaves from entering used or unused chimney flues. This cowl is suitable for woodburning, solid fuel, oil and gas burning appliances, providing good ventilation and protection against wind and rain.

The chimney cowl is designed to fit chimneys with either 275mm or 300mm internal diameter and is fixed to the chimney with the stainless steel fixing strap provided with your purchase.

The chimney topper has a matt black finish, providing a stylish cap for your chimney and also preventing the chimney cowl from becoming stained with smoke, as can happen with other colours.

  • Easy to fix, simply strap to the chimney using the stainless steel strap provided
  • Prevents birds, wind and rain from entering the chimney
  • Provides a stylish finish to the chimney end

Areas For Use
  • Chimneys burning various types of fuel
  • Wood burners
  • Stoves
  • Flues