Cezar High Line Plastic Skirting Board with Wire Cover Design


Cezar's High Line Prestige skirting board is the easy to fit skirting board with a complete system of accessories with the same finish as the skirting lengths.

The skirting board is designed with two parts, the first section is a fixing strip which can be screwed into place against the wall, the second piece is the actually skirting which can then be easily clipped into place, hiding all the fixings.

The unique two part design also allows for wires to be run behind the skirting and effectively hidden once the skirting has been fitted in to place. The skirting board is supplied in 2.5m long lengths in various colours, with each of the accessories supplied as single units.

Product Details and Specification:

  • Skirting Board Measures 2.5m long x 75mm high and measures 22mm from the wall once fitted
  • Easy to install and new wires can be fitted post installation
  • Manufactured from PVC making it long lasting and easy to maintain and clean
  • Available in various colours with either a flat matt finish or grained design
  • All accessories are supplied in single units
  • Single fixed postage cost no matter how many pieces purchased

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