Stormguard Garage Door Seal Self Adhesive Brush Pile 7m


The Stormguard 7m Garage Door Brush Pile Draught Seal is perfect for keeping your garage warm. It will help you to seal gaps of 5-15mm around your garage door, preventing draughts and effortlessly keeping the cold air out.

The The Brush Pile Seal can be cut to size with scissors to get a perfect fit and ensure that your garage is pest and leaf free too. It's easy to use and is long lasting, creating a draught preventer that you can rely on. The soft pile allows your garage door to close simply, being practical and great at sealing any draughts out.

Product Features and Benefits:

• Seals gaps 5-15mm around garage doors
• Self-adhesive and easy to fix
• Can be used on garages, boats, sheds, greenhouses, doors and many more applications
• Slides into slot in frame
• Provides long lasting draught protection
• Soft pile allows the door to close easily
• Suitable for use in PVC and composite applications

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