RW Simon Premium Trickle Window Frame Vent

RW Simon

The Simon Trickle Slot vents are the perfect solution for reducing condensation and moisture build up in and around the window by allowing the moisture to leave through the vent.  

The frame vents provide a constant air flow through the window, helping to reduce the temperature on hot days without compromising on security.  When there is no design for the air to be flowing through the vent there is a close off latch on the internal vent fitting allowing the ventilation slots to be closed.

Product Features:
  • Product Length 300mm or 400mm - slot size 10mm
  • Snap-on quick fit end caps and fixing screws included
  • Provides secure ventilation for your home
  • Vents have a positive open and close action
  • Suitable for uPVC, timber and aluminium windows
  • Can be fitted to give up-draft or down-draft

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