Composite Fencing Panels Utility Strips

Virtual Plastics Ltd.

Transform gardens with stylish, low-maintenance composite fencing. These incredibly light fencing panels are incredibly strong, making general handling and fitting easy. The fence panels can be fitted between existing concrete posts, using the plastic posts available or with the bolt down and knock in spikes.

The utility strip is used to create a corner or an end post. The strips are supplied in a 2.1m length and measure approximately 50mm internally.

The utility strip is simply attached to the face of the post with screws to create a corner post or you slide the strip into the post groove to create an end post.

Product Features and benefits:

  • Replace Rotten old Panels: Simply remove the old panels from the concrete posts and then slot the composite fencing gravel boards in place
  • Tough and hard-wearing : Much greater tensile strength than concrete posts
  • Saves time and money : Composite fencing will work out much cheaper over time compared to timber panels, which will need to be maintained.
  • Maintenance-free : No more painting and regular maintenance to keep fences looking like new.
  • Environmentally friendly : Manufactured from 75% recycled materials.

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