Tolsen Screwdriver Bits & Magnetic Holder 32 Piece Set


Tolsens 32 piece screwdriver bit set is the perfect screwdriver bit set for DIYer's and professionals alike. Providing a wide range of bit types with a user friendly colour coded design. The set also includes a magnetic bit holder to allow the bits to be used in hand held screwdrivers and electric drills.

Set Includes:

• A magnetic bit holder
• A 25mm adaptor
• PH: PH1,PH2,PH,PH3
• PZ: PZ1,PZ2,PZ2,PZ3
• SL: 3-4-5-6
• Hex: H3-H4-H5-H6
• Torx: T10-T15-T20-T25-T27-T30-T40
• Torx (With hole): T10-T15-T20-T25-T27-T30-T40

All within a convenient carrier case. This great value screwdriver bit set comprehensively covers the most common bits and is a must buy.

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