Tolsen Diamond Core Drill Set - Hole Saw, Arbour, Pilot & SDS Kit


Tolsen's diamond core drill set has laser welded diamond cores designed for fast and easy drilling, in the most demanding of situations, suitable for cutting granite, marble, limestone, slate, hard bricks and other dense and non-abrasive materials.

Ideal for the plumber, builder and general tradesman providing a compact and versatile core drill kit for drilling holes in general masonry products. To work each set only needs water for lubrication to smoothly cut (do not apply any sideways force when drilling).

Set Includes:

• Diamond Core Drill Size: Ø38mm x 170mm
• Diamond Core Drill Size: Ø52mm x 170mm
• Diamond Core Drill Size: Ø65mm x 170mm
• Diamond Core Drill Size: Ø117mm x 170mm
• Diamond Core Drill Size: Ø127mm x 170mm
• SDS+ adaptor: 115mm
• SDS+ extension adaptor: 240mm
• Hex adaptor: 12 x 88mm
• Hex extension adaptor: 12 x 240mm
• Centre drill: 10 x 200mm
• Drift key: 6 x 50mm
• All provided within a hard backed carry case

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