Storm Drain Plus - Channel Drainage


The durability and high performance of the Storm Drain Plus ensures a long lasting, permanent solution for the removal of standing surface water. 

The easy installation is ideal for driveways, pools, patios, walkways, sports
courts and more.

  • All products are "UV" inhibited
  • Grates are ADA and heel guard compliant
  • 3 bottom outlets in every channel
  • No clips or screws required to assemble
  • Each drain is 1m in length


    • Driveways - Position between the garage and the driveway
    • Patios - Drain water where it may be water pooling
    • Swimming pools - Divert pool water away from grass
    • Sports Courts - Where standing water could be hazardous
    • Gardens - Where natural run off can be safely diverted
    • Walkways - Drains pooling water safely and conveniently