Skirting Board Internal Corner Trim PVC


 Our 90 degree internal corner trims are designed to fit with Roomline PVC skirting. The corners come in a range of colours with a durable, realistic woodgrain finish. Once they're installed, you're done. There's no preparation, painting or ongoing maintenance. Cutting the corner joints is tricky for all but the most experienced joiner. With the Roomline With the external corner joints you simply apply some adhesive onto the corner joint and slot it into the skirting for a professional finish every time!


  • Combines the tough, hard-wearing, wipe-clean benefits of PVC-U, with all the aesthetics of traditional skirting boards and architraves.
  • Glue-on fitting with standard building adhesives
  • Durable scratch resistant finish
  • Manufactured from recycled PVC-U for minimal environmental impact
  • Reduce fitting time by up to 50%
  • No sanding, decorating or maintenance


  • Apply adhesive to both sides of the corner (superglue works well)
  • Slot corner into first piece of skirting
  • Slot second piece of skirting into remaining free side of corner 
  • Keep pressure for 1-2 minutes to ensure firm fix
  • Enjoy great looking skirting with minimal hassle