Self Adhesive Flashing - Everbuild Black Jack with Primer - 3m x 225mm


Everbuild's Black Jack flashband is a strong flexible, self-adhesive flashing tape suitable for general purpose waterproof sealing around of skylights, downpipes, guttering, leaking roof columns, roof-lights, extractor vents and much, much more. It has a natural lead-look finish, providing a great alternative to expensive lead.

The rolls are 3m long and 225mm wide and each roll contains a 250ml tin of primer.

First, ensure the surface is sound, dry, clean and free from dust 
and then apply the flashband!

  • Replaces need for lead flashing.
  • Self-adhesive - requires no separate glue.
  • Quick and easy to apply!


Areas For Use

  • General repair to existing flashing.
  • Flashing bituminous felt and similar roofs.
  • Flashing parapet walls.
  • Sealing roof glazing.
  • Replacement of lost lead flashing.
  • Repairs to cracks in concrete.
  • Repairs to lead gutters.
  • Sealing capping bolts in roof sheets. 
  • Sealing roof ridges.
  • Protective coating to insulation materials.
  • Sealing projections through roofs and similar sections.
  • Flashing between timber and brickwork or blockwork or blockwork cavities.
  • Flashing of skylights