Professional PU Foam Gun Kits - Expanding Gun Grade Foam and Cleaner Kits


Combining the Xpert Foam Gun with Silversil Gun Grade Foam and Foam Gun Cleaner, these kits allow you to buy exactly what you need to get the job done.

The details of the individual products included in the kits are below:

Xpert Professional PU Foam Gun

Manufactured by Xpert, this is a high quality professional gun is designed for use with standard 500/750ml gun grade canisters. This high quality metal foam gun has an ergonomic plastic handle and is easy to use.

The gun is designed for use with expanding foam used in the sealing of cavities, common when mounting and fitting windows, door frames, walls and roofing.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Works with all standard gun foam cannisters and cleaners
  • Adjustable easy control flow
  • Includes Long extension tubes (x2) - help inject foam in awkward areas
  • Includes tapered nozzle tubes (x2) - allows applicationl through the tightest of gaps

Silversil Gun Grade Expanding Foam 750ml

Silversil gun grade expanding foam is a ready to use, self expanding polyurethane adhesive. This nozzle design allows this product to fit with most foam guns improving the easy and accuracy of application.

  • Adheres to most surfaces
  • Very good initial bond, even at low temperatures
  • Excellent insulation and sound proofing benefits
  • Suitable for uneven surfaces and cavities
  • Limited post expansion, resulting in fast and precise application
  • Compatible with most types of paints, many solvents and chemical substrates
  • After the foam has dried the product can be easily cut was a blade or saw

Silversil Foam Gun Cleaner 500ml

Silversil Gun Foam Cleaner allows you to keep your foam gun clean with the minimum amount of hassle. Designed with an easy spray nozzle this allows non-cured foam to be safely removed from the gun.

  • Helps maintain the foam gun and prolong its life
  • Fast acting and easy to apply
  • Simply spray the gun down before the foam sets and wipe away
  • Improve foam gun application by keeping the spout clear of excess foam