Hedgehog Gutter Guard 4m 100mm


The amazing, award winning Hedgehog Gutter Brush is a fantastic product designed to keep gutters and drains clear of leaves, twigs, sticks, birds etc.

We sell the 100 mm size which fits gutters with a 100-116mm diameter gutter.

The Hedgehog Gutter Brush is simple to fit and lasts for years!

Just pop it into clean gutters and drains and problems with blocked rain systems are solved immediately.

The Hedgehog Gutter Brush is the market leader and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Product features & benefits:

  • The Hedgehog Gutter Brush is manufactured using a stainless steel wire core and polypropylene bristles to create a long lasting Hedgehog brush.
  • Adapts automatically to the shape of any gutter.
  • Flexible and versatil, will fit round corners and over outlets
  • Can be cleaned easily if necessary.
  • Can also be used in pathway drains.
  • No more leaves or twigs etc offering gutter protection from blockage and subsequent damaging overflow of water.
  • Will fit most types of gutters, including round, square and ogee
  • Virtually indestructible.
  • Fitted in minutes - is easy to fit – does not require special installation expertise.
  • Lasts for years. 
  • Maintenance free leaf guard.