20mm uPVC Architrave - Cloaking Fillet - 1.25m


Our 20mm cloaking fillet is 6mm thick with a rounded finish on one edge and a chamfered finish at the other to allow it to easily slot into place when fitting. The cloaking fillet is provided in 1m long lengths in packs of either 1, 5 or 10.

This cloaking fillet has many uses, including window finishing trim, cill capping, finishing trim for skirting boards, and for capping door frames, removing the need to paint and providing a gloss finish which is easy to clean.

This cloaking fillet can be easily applied using a wide range of adhesives, from super glue to no nails. This product carries a 20 year Guarantee.

Due to the length of these products the shipping is expensive, buying two pack quantities reduces the overall shipping cost giving great discounts in the overall cost per length.